Submit an Update

Please submit all annotation updates to

The Burkholderia Genome Database has an active community of researchers who submit updates to the site. We welcome all suggested updates to Burkholderia annotations, however we encourage you to also contact the original genome sequencing center in order to ensure the changes propagate to NCBI RefSeq.

Please include the following information when submitting an annotation update

1) The locus tag for the gene.

2) A PubMed ID or link to a paper.

3) Suggested gene and protein names.

4) The gene/protein's function and/or biological process (if known).

5) The gene's new genomic coordinates (if applicable).

6) Your name and institution so that we can acknowledge your contribution (optional).

Consider submitting Gene Ontology (GO) terms with your annotation update.

The database is recognized as an authoritative source for high quality genome annotations and we feel users can benefit from an ontology-rich data structure providing details of function and biological processes in a specific and hierarchical manner. By having data in this format, we can utilize a wide range of tools for the purpose of improving annotation transfer and enrichment analysis associated with omics studies being conducted in many labs.

A valid GO term submission should include:

1) A locus tag

2) A valid GO term and/or accession

3) A GO evidence code

4) The PubMed ID for the paper that the GO term and evidence code are based on.

5) If term is based on sequence similarity to a better studied gene in another strain/species, please provide a cross reference for that gene.