The Burkholderia Genome Database collaborates with an international panel of expert Burkholderia researchers to provide high quality updates to genomes annotation and make cutting edge genome analysis data available

Photo Credit: Larry Stauffer, Oregon State PHL.
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Database Statistics

Complete Genomes 287
Draft Genomes 2979
Manually-curated annotation updates 2953
Curated GO terms 818

Latest News

October 21, 2023
Fixed problem with Diamond sequence search returning "internal error (500)" message. We apologize for the inconvenience.
April 27, 2020
Burkholderia Genome Database version 9.1 released.
66 curated updates to annotations.
1455 new Burkholderia spp. genomes added for a total of 3266.
Added analyses showing candidate essential genes in B. cenocepacia J2315 based on growth in M9 minimal and LB medium (PMID:27597847). View in JBrowse.
New search feature to identify B. cepecacia complex and B. pseudomallei genomes based on predicted MLST sequence type. Predictions made using Torsten Seemann's 'mlst' software (Github and schemes from the PubMLST database (Jolley & Maiden 2010, BMC Bioinformatics, 11:595) .
Enhancements made to increase speed of diamond blastp searches against entire database of protein sequences.
Updated InterPro motif predictions and computationally-predicted GO term annotations (based on InterProScan v5.36-75.0).
Updated RCSB PDB 3D structures, human homologs (based on Ensembl 97) amd drug targets against B. pseudomallei and B. mallei gene products (DrugBank 5.1.4).

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