GEO Dataset

GEO Dataset Dataset details
GDS ID 2365
GDS Accession GDS2365
Title Burkholderia pseudomallei at various phases of growth in vitro
Summary Analysis of Burkholderia pseudomallei at the early, log, and stationary phases of growth. B. pseudomallei causes melioiosis. Results provide insight into the molecular pathways that link growth phase to pathogenicity.
Expression Profiles 8916
Number of Samples 47
GEO Series GSE5495
Reference PMID:16997946
GDS Data Type Expression profiling by array
Taxon Burkholderia pseudomallei K96243


Technology Typespotted DNA/cDNA

GEO Samples

GEO Accession Condition
GSM126560 15.5hvsRef
GSM126572 21.5hvsRef
GSM126575 23hvsRef
GSM126563 17hvsRef
GSM126577 24hvsRef
GSM126573 22hvsRef
GSM126537 4hvsRef
GSM126556 13.5hvsRef
GSM126561 16hvsRef
GSM126553 12hvsRef
GSM126566 18.5hvsRef
GSM126562 16.5hvsRef
GSM126536 3.5hvsRef
GSM126533 2hvsRef
GSM126574 22.5hvsRef
GSM126546 8.5hvsRef
GSM126545 8hvsRef
GSM126547 9hvsRef
GSM126548 9.5hvsRef
GSM126565 18hvsRef
GSM126531 1hvsRef
GSM126539 5hvsRef
GSM126542 6.5hvsRef
GSM126532 1.5hvsRef
GSM126571 21hvsRef
GSM126554 12.5hvsRef
GSM126567 19hvsRef
GSM126549 10hvsRef
GSM126550 10.5hvsRef
GSM126568 19.5hvsRef
GSM126541 6hvsRef
GSM126569 20hvsRef
GSM126552 11.5hvsRef
GSM126559 15hvsRef
GSM126535 3hvsRef
GSM126555 13hvsRef
GSM126540 5.5hvsRef
GSM126576 23.5hvsRef
GSM126558 14.5hvsRef
GSM126543 7hvsRef
GSM126538 4.5hvsRef
GSM126570 20.5hvsRef
GSM126534 2.5hvsRef
GSM126544 7.5hvsRef
GSM126557 14hvsRef
GSM126551 11hvsRef
GSM126564 17.5hvsRef