Burkholderia pseudomallei K96243, BPSS2290

Cytoplasmic Membrane
Outer Membrane
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Gene Ontology

Ontology Accession Term GO Evidence Evidence Ontology (ECO) Code Reference Comments
Molecular Function GO:0003824 catalytic activity
Inferred from Sequence Model
Term mapped from: InterPro:PF00501
match to InterPro signature evidence used in automatic assertion

Functional Predictions from Interpro

Analysis Accession Description Interpro Accession Interpro Description Amino Acid Start Amino Acid Stop E-value
Pfam PF13193 AMP-binding enzyme C-terminal domain IPR025110 AMP-binding enzyme, C-terminal domain 505 587 2.1E-15
Gene3D G3DSA: IPR042099 AMP-dependent synthetase-like superfamily 15 383 1.9E-76
SUPERFAMILY SSF56801 19 598 1.11E-125
Pfam PF00501 AMP-binding enzyme IPR000873 AMP-dependent synthetase/ligase 38 496 8.0E-81
ProSitePatterns PS00455 Putative AMP-binding domain signature. IPR020845 AMP-binding, conserved site 189 200 -
Gene3D G3DSA: IPR042099 AMP-dependent synthetase-like superfamily 386 491 8.7E-23
Gene3D G3DSA:3.30.300.310 492 600 1.8E-29
CDD cd12119 ttLC_FACS_AlkK_like 26 594 0.0

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